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The Mu2e collaboration is building a high-energy experiment to search for muons spontaneously converting directly into electrons. Current physics theories do not allow for this conversion so if we do observe it, the theories would be have to be expanded in whole new directions and set our path towards many more discoveries.

Particle adventure

If you are asking "what is a muon?" this is a great place to start exploring high-energy physics

Physics concepts and techniques

learn about the concept of Mu2e, what is measured, what the backgrounds are.

Fermilab, Mu2e beam, and detector

learn about the detector components' layout and expected performance.

Mu2e Collaboration

learn about the Collaboration, how we are organized, and our efforts to support young members and to be inclusive


if you are a physicist and joining or visiting Mu2e...


if you are a physicist and starting work with Mu2e code and data ...

Top web page Technical

Mu2e Design Reports, Proposals, collaboration lists, contacts, and other formal documentation


Terms and acronyms