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Building code

Configuring executables

Modules, Products, and Services

Code Management

  • Spack - setup and build tool to replace UPS and MRB
  • MuseMaintenance - Muse procedures for experts
  • ReleaseList
  • git - overview and pointers to detailed and mu2e-specific instructions
  • Validation - automatic and occasional procedures for validation
  • Jenkins - a central build platform
  • CVMFS - a virtual disk mount containing our code
  • Docker a portable software container to hold and run our environment and software
  • Download - pull a local copy to remote institutions or laptops
  • scisoft - server for product manifests
  • BTrk - (deprecated) the Kalman fitter code is in this non-standard product
  • KinKal - a repo and UPS product containing the core track Kalman fit code
  • CVS
  • CodeDepencyGraph - how to make the code dependency graph
  • DAQ DAQ redmine
  • building root
  • checkPrerequisites tool - check linux has rpms needed by art
  • SconsUPS - how to build a new version of scons, packaged for UPS
  • Pyana - setting up python analysis packages
  • Github CI Maintenance - information about the CI repo, used by Jenkins for build tests

Standards and Practices

External Packages