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This page is deprecated because a list of tags is now automatically maintained on github.

How to see old release notes is described below.


Update LXR browser by running

ssh p-mu2eofflinesoftwaremu2eoffline@cdcvs 
edit lxr/versions

Semantic Versioning

Starting with the tag v07_07_00 Mu2e has adopted semantic versioning. Prior to that version, we did not have a well defined policy for when to update which field within the version number.

A tag now has the form: vxx_yy_zz, where "xx", "yy" and "zz" are two digit numeric fields with leading zeros present. These have the meanings:

  • xx: major version number; incremented when there is a breaking change.
  • yy: minor version number; incremented when a new feature is added.
  • zz: patch number; incremented when a bug fix is made

We do not tag every commit or pull request; we only tag when we need to document the state of the repository for future reference. If there are both bug fixes and new features since the previous tag, then the tag will be considered a new feature and yy will be incremented. Upgrading to a new version of an underlying ups product, such as art or root, is treated the same way: if the upgrade is solely a bug fix, then increment zz; if the upgrade adds new features then increment yy; and if there are breaking changes increment xx.

Full Release Notes

Offline version 8 notes

Offline version 7 notes

Offline version 6 and earlier notes

ReleaseNotes subdirectory in Offline can be seen by checking out tag v10_05_00

Tag Summary

Tag Date Comment
v08_02_01 01/28/2020 Bug fix in G4MT. Candidate for building and distributing.
v08_02_00 01/28/2020 tag immediately before upgrade to Geant4 v4_10_5_p01a
v08_01_00 01/28/2020 tag immediately before upgrade to Geant4 v4_10_5_p01a
v08_00_00 12/20/2019 Breaking change: introduce StrawGasStep. MDC2018 files no longer useable.
v07_07_00 12/20/2019 Last tag before breaking changes in v08_00_00.
v7_6_0 12/10/2019 tag immediately after upgrade to art v3_04_00 and python 3. Base of MDC2018 branch.
v7_5_8 12/04/2019 last tag before upgrade to art v3_04_00 and python 3
v7_5_7 11/21/2019 stable tag for CRY resampling studies
v7_5_6 11/13/2019 tag right after upgrade to gcc v8_2_0 (e19) and fixes (not built)
v7_5_5 11/13/2019 tag right before upgrade to gcc v8_2_0 (e19) (not built)
v7_5_4 08/09/2019 Tag for MARS based studies of heat and radiation loads, primarily in the muon beamline.
v7_5_3 07/21/2019 Upgrade to v3_03_01.
v7_5_2 07/18/2019 Last commit with art v3_03_00. Not on /cvmfs.
v7_5_1 07/13/2019 Small bug fixes that were missed in the merge to make v7_5_0. First release on /cvmfs with art v3.
v7_5_0 07/13/2019 Tag first commit built with art v3; also patch upgrade on G4. Merged branch art_v3.
v7_4_2 07/11/2019 Tag of the last commit built using art v2
v7_4_1 06/10/2019 CRV BG study with descope, many other updates
v7_4_0 05/05/2019 Reconstruction production support
v7_3_6 04/22/2019 Last tag before removal of directories CalPatRec/attic/, Legacy/, mucapture/
v7_3_5 03/19/2019 second release candidate for 3/2019 CRY processing
v7_3_4 03/17/2019 art v2_12_01; first release candidate for 3/2019 CRY processing (CRY updates plus many others).
v7_3_3 02/27/2019 tag before art v2_12_01 (not built)
v7_3_2 02/18/2019 tag before TTracker->Tracker (not built)
v7_3_1 02/11/2019 tag before Proditions service merged (not built)
v7_3_0 01/31/2019 art v2_12_00 (shuffling input module)
v7_2_2 01/23/2019 CRV sim light model memory reduced, geometry updates, new physics lists
v7_2_1 12/21/2018 updates to physics process generators, CRY, trigger filters and CalPatRec
v7_2_0 11/21/2018 art v2_11_05, --std=c++17, geant volume range cuts
v7_1_5 11/16/2018 add code for MDC2018
v7_1_4 10/8/2018 add code for MDC2018
v7_1_3 10/1/2018 add code for MDC2018
v7_1_2a 09/21/2018 art v2_11_01 on a branch. fixes one provenance problem, one may still exist
v7_1_2 09/20/2018 bug fixes for MDC2018 mixing production
v7_1_1 08/24/2018 small fixes for MDC2018 production
v7_1_0 08/22/2018 first tag after merge of MDC2018 branch
v6_5_7 08/21/2018 last tag on master before MDC2018 merge - not used, will be deleted
v7_0_8 08/22/2018 last tag on MDC2018 branch before merging back into master (not built)
v7_0_7 08/20/2018 built from MDC2018 branch, for MDC2018 small fixes - not used, will be deleted
v7_0_6 08/20/2018 built from MDC2018 branch, for MDC2018 with fixes for compression
v7_0_5 08/09/2018 built from MDC2018 branch, for MDC2018 mixing jobs with fixed calo disks. Merged Geant MT code.
v7_0_4 07/12/2018 built from MDC2018 branch, for MDC2018 flash cut jobs
v7_0_3 06/19/2018 built from MDC2018 branch, for MDC2018 CRV concatenation via mixing
v7_0_2 06/13/2018 built from MDC2018 branch, for MDC2018 stage 4 flash
v7_0_1 05/31/2018 built from MDC2018 branch, for MDC2018 PS,DS,DS, and stage 4 (non-flash) jobs
v7_0_0 05/18/2018 test release for MDC 2018, built from branch, cannot read cd3 files
v6_5_6 04/25/2018 last release of master for cd3 defaults, MDC2018 with breaking changes being developed on a branch
v6_5_5 04/19/2018 non-lin drift model, StrawHit uses StrawId, changes to CRV products (not built)
v6_5_4 04/19/2018 ComboHit replaces products, trk algo changes, new CRV products, new geant (not built)
v6_5_3 03/10/2018 checkpoint before triggerDev merge - add parameterized field model option (not built)
v6_5_2 02/20/2018 art v2_10_02, remove Layer element from StrawId
v6_4_0 01/10/2018 art v2_09_04, new DYB generator, new physics lists, geometry, StrawHit mods
v6_3_4 01/10/2018 checkpoint before art upgrade
v6_3_3 11/01/2017 alignment and geometry updates
v6_3_2 09/28/2017 update CalPatRec, update CRV standalone, efficiencies, new CRV test geom
v6_3_1 08/31/2017 changes to tracking to allow 6-parameter fit (breaks CalPatRec for now), new BTrk
v6_3_0 08/28/2017 Upgrade to art v2_07_03 from v2_06_02
v6_2_5 08/28/2017 geom improvements, scons cleanup, code cleanup for new art
v6_2_4 07/17/2017 fix Z0 bug in DOE (not default) geom, add fixing modules and preventative changes
v6_2_3 06/29/2017 available target hole and uniform tracker planes (DOE rev), tracking, geom clean-ups
v6_2_2 06/08/2017 tag before tracking clean-up and refactoring changes
v6_2_1a 06/01/2017 geant4 v4_10_2_p03a, only, fixes crash in cosmic stage 1
v6_2_1 05/08/2017 For CRV tests; many changes (see Release notes).
v6_2_0 04/14/2017 geant update to v4_10_2_p03
v6_1_5 04/14/2017 geometry updates (capture state before geant update)
v6_1_1 03/17/2017 Add building geometry, remove user stanza (CRV deadtime study)
v6_0_7 02/28/2017 buildopts, UPS and code for trigger; geometry for HRS and building, genreflex
v6_0_6 02/03/2017 B. Echenard rewrite of calorimeter code
v6_0_4 01/18/2017 DownstreameMinus -> DeM, widespread changes for tracking code structure
v6_0_2 10/16/2016 fix overlap in STM shield geometry
v6_0_0 10/04/2016 art version to v2_06_02a, root version 6
v5_7_9 09/02/2016 MBS geometry updates
v5_7_8 08/09/2016 satellite releases, geometry cleanup
v5_7_7 07/11/2016 fix logical variable memory in CosmicDYB, fix OPA, geometry cleanups
v5_7_6 05/09/2016 Assorted bug fixes to the CalPatRec chain (cd3 cosmic s4 and analysis)
v5_7_5 05/07/2016 code maintenance
v5_7_4 04/29/2016 updates to CRV, Trk, Cal. (cd3 cosmic s3 - pass2)
v5_7_3 04/18/2016 building and electronics geometry for radiation
v5_7_2 04/01/2016 update PID, CutAndCount
v5_7_1 03/27/2016 changes to CRV reco code, neutron shielding
v5_7_0 03/24/2016 Update MVA weights, straw response to match measurements, CRV sheilding, art v1_17_07 fcl validation tools
v5_6_7 02/27/2016 code and geometry maintenance, (cd3 cosmic s3 - pass1)
v5_6_6 02/12/2016 updated model of the tracker (cd3 beam s4- pass 2, cd3 cosmic s2)
v5_6_5 02/06/2016
v5_6_3 01/29/2016
v5_6_0 12/22/2015
v5_5_6 11/24/2015
v5_5_2 11/20/2015
v5_5_4 11/17/2015
v5_5_1 11/03/2015
v5_5_0 10/25/2015
v5_4_7 10/06/2015
v5_4_6 09/20/2015 (cd3 beam s4)
v5_4_5 08/25/2015 (cd3 beam s3)
v5_4_4 08/16/2015
v5_4_3 07/20/2015 (cd3 beam s2)
v5_4_2 07/15/2015 (cd3 cosmic s1)
v5_4_1 07/13/2015
v5_3_6 07/02/2015
v5_3_5 07/01/2015
v5_3_4 06/19/2015
v5_3_3 04/22/2015 (cd3 beam s1)
v5_3_2 04/10/2015
v5_3_1 04/04/2015
v5_3_0 03/23/2015
v5_2_2 02/06/2015